Maximum info in a minimum of time is a French search engine that allows you to search over 40 billion web pages.


We give you the best search results

Thanks to its powerful algorithm MAXImini gives you the best search results on the web

A simple and intuitive search

A search engine with an innovative and smart simple interface

Natural language queries

MAXImini allows you to launch your queries in natural language, without worrying about the wording of your questions.

MAXI mini


Our Technology

A French search engine

Who respects your privacy

A local and regional index

An AI that learns !


The Founding Principles

A respectful model.

Neutral results.

A responsible web.

No data collected.


Reach new customers online with

Reach the right audience at the right time

Increase your online sales, find qualified leads or improve your brand awareness with the help of effective campaigns on the search engine.

MAXImini allows consumers to perform research to choose where to go , what to do or what to buy. Your ad is displayed on the search engine at the precise moment when an Internet user is looking for the products and services that you offer.

Whether on desktop or mobile, an ad delivered at the right time can convert web users into potential customers .

A French and European search engine


Communicate differently with MAXImini

We offer you original formats adapted to your goals of notoriety and traffic generation on desktop and mobile.

Offre Basic

4 993 $

Standard Offer

7 807 $

Premium plan

13 215 $


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